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Snowfight .io Multiplayer Game Walkthrough

Play Snowfight .io - a fun and highly addicing massive multiplayer online game.

In this video, you can see the gameplay of Snowfight .io game, to understand how to play it, learn some secrets or simply relax. Enjoy this!

Griefers in Minecraft

Griefers in Minecraft

Perhaps one of the most pressing problems in Minecraft game is that on servers you can often face the unpleasant consequences of someone's activity, for example, with destroyed buildings, waterfalls from lava, a huge number of incomprehensibly arranged blocks of sand, gravel and even dynamite. It's easy to guess that it's likely that the griffers tried. But if you are a beginner, then you can ask about who are these and how to defend them? In this article, we will try to list all the main methods of grief attacks and tell you how to protect them.

Griefers in Minecraft are players who are engaged in the destruction and hacking of servers. Most often they like to destroy all buildings that were not used by players with the help of third-party plug-ins, kill civilians, steal property. Sometimes there are more advanced villains who, instead of just simply messing around on the server, are engaged in their hacking. To do this, they learn all the subtleties of plug-ins and can go under the administrator's account or even create their own programs that cause huge lags on the server, thereby leading them to their complete shutdown.

Unfortunately, this is not all that they are capable of. Now we will try to list you all the most famous ways:

Destruction is the most typical way. During the act of grilling, players try to gather in groups. They try to destroy all buildings that are unattended, using all sorts of ways, from simple tools to complex mechanisms that can lead to terrible consequences. Usually, after the commission of such acts from the buildings on the server, there are only ruins. The situation is even worse if the attackers have access to the creative mode or, worse, the administrator's authority. In such cases, the server is almost impossible to restore.

Creation is the method opposite to destruction. Its difference lies in the fact that the griffin tries to construct everything that can cause negative feelings among the jogos players. It can be all sorts of religious signs, swastikas, obscure constructions, indecent gestures, built of material that can not be broken by ordinary players, which can greatly affect the religious and social feelings of players. In addition, Minecraft players can also build buildings that do not make the map beautiful, but only disfigure it. It can be all sorts of poles from mud, randomly spaced blocks, etc.

Griefers in Minecraft 2

The misleading of the players - sometimes griffers can act alone. In such cases, an attacker tries to gain the confidence of an ordinary player who already has some experience on the server and has at least a small house. The attacker simply begins to be friends with the player, gets the opportunity to control the territory of the player and, at the moment when he exits the Minecraft game, the grief begins to steal the house and takes away all the most valuable resources. Usually, it is very difficult for the victims to prove their case, so this method of grating is very attractive for those who want to divorce a player.

Flood, spam and mate in chat - sometimes the player tries to litter the chat, creating a negative psychological atmosphere in the game. Agree that not everyone will like to chat in the chat all kinds of mats, advertising other people's servers in unending quantities. In this case, many players will leave the juegos, and the server will begin to lose popularity. It is on this psychological factor that Griefer will play. It will be even worse if several players start doing this at once. Then playing on the server at all will become unbearable.


Blackmail - during blackmail a certain group of players gathers on the server in order to deliver an ultimatum to the administrator, which will not only put him in an uncomfortable position, but can also affect the gaming audience as a whole. Most players, learning about the fact that the server can close, will leave the server in search of a quieter game. It's clear that the administrator does not particularly want this, and then there are two outcomes: either he bans the players, or he gives the server to the attackers, which leads him to collapse. But this happens in extremely rare cases, because in this case the main factor is the naivete of the administrator and no more. If the administrator is determined and more or less familiar with the technical part of Minecraft games, then this method will not even pass the experienced griefers.

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Northgard - Real-time Strategy


Real-time strategy based on Scandinavian mythology, sending players to explore and arrange for the life of wild lands. The game has an advanced economic system, extraction of resources and friendship with cyclops.

After many years of wandering and searching, the indomitable Vikings found an unknown land full of dangers, secrets and resources - Nordgard. The first settlers set sail to new lands and laid the young settlements, engaging in farming, animal husbandry and worship of their gods. However, life turned out to be difficult - the scarcity of food, severe frosts and attacks of walking dead forced peasants to unite in clans and lead a brutal struggle for life.

Northgard - a real-time strategy, designed to establish a settlement and expand it, up to the dominant size. At the very beginning of the round, players distribute people on the map, sending workers to harvest food, extract resources and build buildings. After the accumulation of forces, scouts explore the surrounding lands and colonize them, which entails an increase in the population's needs for food, medicine and protection.

The economy in the game is quite tough - you will constantly face a shortage of resources. If you run out of gold, your buildings will burn, and the peasants will have nowhere to live. His contribution also makes a change of seasons, for example, as in Friv games - you fierce winter food production stops and if you do not stock enough stocks, wait for the famine. Actually, you will only throw workers from place to place, trying to achieve a balance in the procurement of resources.

Northgard - Real-time Strategy

Meanwhile, no one will give you a safe life - at least you will be attacked by wolves and eating awkward fishermen and workers. To protect the settlement, a detachment of soldiers will have to be created and maintained in combat capability - to treat them and feed them. In case of dishonest management, the morale of your settlement will start to fall, and the peasants will rush - they will get less food. All this can lead to an avalanche drop in the economy, which will lead you straight to the loss of the party.

Northgard won the flattering community feedback - it's really a complicated strategy with a lot of nuances, an atmosphere of Scandinavian mythology and beautiful graphics.

Battle for SlugTerra Walkthrough

This game is a real action! Battle for Slugterra is available to play here:

Watch on YouTube:

Vorschau auf das Scavengers Spiel

Scavengers Spiel

Vor ein paar Jahren hat Josh Holmes, ausführender Produzent von 343 Industries, Halo geworfen und sein eigenes Studio gegründet, um sich selbständig kreativ zu betätigen. Und aus irgendeinem Grund beschlossen, einen Halo 5 mit einem königlichen Kampf zu machen.

Verzeihen für den Sarkasmus, aber Spiele, die auf einem einzigen storyless Modus basieren, sind in letzter Zeit zu viel geworden. Es ist, als ob plötzlich alle Studios begannen, die Quake III, Icarus Classic und Arena zu klonen, die sich der enormen Konkurrenz und geringen Startchancen bewusst sind.

In diesem Fall ist die Situation alles andere als traurig. Josh Holmes - ein herausragender Produzent, in seinem Studio Midwinter Entertainment versammelten sich Profis, die an modernen Versionen der Shooter Battlefield und Call of Duty arbeiteten. Außerdem wird das Projekt nicht aus dem Finger gerissen, sondern ehrlich mit der Warzone-Mode für Halo 5 verschmolzen.

Neben der Entwicklung bereits erfolgreicher Ideen hat das Spiel zwei mächtige Trümpfe: die Engine Unreal Engine 4 und SpatialOS von der Firma Improbable. Ja, das ist schon mindestens das zweite Spiel, das eine Cloud-Computing-Plattform für Massenspiele nutzt.

Die Hauptfunktion von Cloud-Miracle für normale Benutzer besteht darin, mehrere Server zu verwenden, um gleichzeitig eine virtuelle Welt zu unterstützen. Nebenfunktion - Teilnahme an der Entwicklung des beschriebenen Spiels der gleichen Firma unwahrscheinlich. Ein erfolgreicher Werbemove.

Das Vorhandensein von Hochtechnologien sollte fortgeschrittene Grafik, verbesserte KI, volle Nutzung von Unreal Engine 4 Ressourcen und eine große Anzahl von Charakteren auf der Karte bedeuten. Aber wenn Sie darüber nachdenken, Spikes, Lags, Bugs, Hangouts, Flüge und alles andere auszuschließen, sollten Sie das nicht tun. Das Spiel wird von Menschen entwickelt, nicht von genialen Maschinen aus den Comics rauer Bewunderer des Transhumanismus.

Snail Bob 3 Game - Adventures in Egypt

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