Wednesday, January 31, 2018

What is Bitcoin Faucets?

What is Bitcoin Faucets?

To date, the most beneficial and really convenient way to earn bitcoins is to use a scheme like Bitcoin Faucet. What is it and what it is eaten with, we will consider in this article and try to highlight all the key aspects of using this earnings mechanism.

So, Bitcoin Faucets is a normal working web resource, but it shares with all registered users some amount of crypto currency. It happens periodically, for example, once an hour, once a day and so on. The principle of this site is that the user navigates by linking to a specific page, enters the captcha code and performs a certain action: for example, solves a simple problem, selects a picture from the offered list, finds the address of the desired site. In general, there can be any task, but it is quickly implemented and allows the performer to get the desired reward.

Of course, bitcoin faucets do not distribute whole bitcoins to anyone, but they are generously divided by a small crypto currency called satoshi.

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The faucet is a very good source of income for its creator. If you correctly place all the advertising banners and buttons to which users will click, this will bring a huge profit to the developer. Thus, there is no need to put any effort into promotion, since Internet users themselves will create reputation and rating for you by attracting referrals to the system.

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