Monday, July 31, 2017

10 Favorite Sites of Justin Bieber

10 Favorite Sites of Justin Bieber

Let the songs of Justin Bieber and gained incredible popularity around the world and helped him to win such prestigious awards as "Grammy" and American Music Awards, he is the same guy as everyone else. Nothing human is alien to him! He goes to the movies, plays online games, takes up sports. At the moment, Justin Bieber is a world-class star, the idol of millions of teenagers and one of the most popular performers in the world. Here are 10 favorite sites of Justin Bieber.

Angry Birds:
Coole Spiele:
Home Interior Design:
Piti Juegos:
My Little Pony:

The Last Survivors Full Gameplay Walkthrough

You will find yourself in the territory of a certain city, where the old abandoned mine is located. According to rumors, zombies are wandering in the mine deep in the mine - they are miners, who for many years are considered missing.

Play game online

In this video, you can see the gameplay of The Last Survivors game, to understand how to play it, learn some secrets or simply relax. Enjoy this!

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Sunday, July 30, 2017

Classical Lineage 2 Game Will Get a New Hardcore Server

Lineage 2

Do you want to go through the heroic path again? Then you have a chance to plunge into the world of revelry, adventure and new impressions on the new game server, and even participate in the choice of its name!

If you have not forgotten, Lineage 2 Classic tells about the adventures of the heroes in the days of the first chronicles and tells about the events from which it all began. Classical Ruler offers players five location races and more than three dozen unique classes with individual quests and combat characteristics. Most importantly - players from the very first level are immersed in an atmosphere of incomparable classical hardcore.

Entertain in the game can be useful for a virtual wallet, the economy system gives several options for earning - reselling resources or hunting for monsters and getting components for crafting. In the game at Mamumba Games you can even pump the dwarf to the maximum and craft valuable items. The main thing is that the economy is so organically integrated into the gameplay, without making you distracted from what is happening around you.

Lineage 2

To entertain, fight and trade now you can on a new server, the name of which has not yet been invented. The server will focus all the content available in the game, including locations "Devil's Island" and "Cave of Giants". Also there was a zone of pumping at middle levels - "Prison of the Abyss". Finally, the bravest will be able to challenge the legendary bosses - Zaken and Bayum, overcome only by the most experienced and brave warriors.

Lego Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Gameplay Walkthrough

Help Michelangelo destroy all the robots. In this video, you can see the gameplay of Lego Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game, to understand how to play it, learn some secrets or simply relax. Enjoy this!

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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Micro Machines World Series Game Review

Micro Machines World Series

Needless to say that by 2017 this layer of fans, formed two decades ago, dreams only about the good old games, about nostalgic euphoria. Is it worth continuing on the reaction of these fans to the release of Micro Machines World Series, in which from the well-established memory of the old and good are only skins for cars and music tracks?

In general, I liked the new game. This fun friv arcade is able to dilute the gray routine of its unusual concept inherent in the series: with the pain of getting used to control, watching the chaos happening on the field through the eyes of the child, from the top down, trying to pass neatly and quickly through dangerous places, shooting abilities in different directions and in case of a fall You laugh because it looks hilarious.

Especially - in a local co-op, on one screen. The spirit of Micro Machines is comprehended with the help of HotSeat-mode, when friends are sitting next to each other - someone with a gamepad, someone at the keyboard - and support excitement with screams, pokes, smiles. Willy-nilly you become that child that stands at the table and arranges nonsense with cars and explosions, completely plunging into the game - the desire to compete is still and is amplified at all until the locations and cars will not go to the cramming of all the turns and chips.

Micro Machines World Series 2

Alas, when you play multiplayer with faceless rivals do not feel such feelings, all the excitement descends to "no" after a couple of races. The reason for this is also killed online on Steam - up to 20 players a day. Without thousands and tens, just - up to 20 players. This leads to a single game during the online games crackdown: after 90 seconds of searching, a bot stack joined me, so I had to consider multiplayer modes without their main player element.

In bitter irony, the creators focused specifically on multiplayer, ignoring a single storyline, adding even "Rating modes" to the game, similar to the competitive games in Counter Strike 1.6, for example - such a losing move was the reason for the fan's universal rage and the main reason for the overall rating On Steam.

With online multiplayer, everything would have been different with the course on the Free-to-Play platform. The experience of transitioning to a conditionally-free status in the Micro Machines series is available - this is a game of 2016, released on Android and iOS. Skins in it, just like dialogs, are sold for real currency, but this did not prevent the title from typing up to one million unique downloads.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

My Little Pony Games for Raising Children

My Little Pony Games for Raising Children

In the process of raising children it is important to show the value of friendship, loyalty, honesty. It is necessary to inculcate a sense of responsibility, justice. In games about small ponies, the theme of mutual aid and relations is very well developed.

In games with ponies, you will not encounter cruelty and negativity. My Little Pony - extremely kind and creative games. They help the young user to develop and acquire useful social skills. In the kindergarten or school, the child will use the skills acquired through pony playing, which will help him to establish contact with peers. Little pony games are a great way to teach the child the right communication with friends.

A series of games about the miracle of a pony tells about the adventures of small horses, which are the characters of the famous animated series, very popular now in children. Many bright heroes, each with their own characteristics, characters, habits, are remembered from the first series. In cartoons about ponies, friendship is the central line of the entire narrative. This series explains to the child that all people are different, and everyone is unique. In pony games, children become acquainted with the rules of behavior in the team, and subsequently make better contacts. The cartoon shows many instructive stories close to children of primary school age. Miracle pony games continue the story, allowing the child to participate in the development of the plot. For fabulous ponies, friendship is the main value, and at the same time super-strong. Girls 5-7 years old, who watched the cartoon, will meet with the favorite characters in pony games with pleasure. Children at this age need to see examples that will form the basis of their own relationship. Little ponies in games can be taken as a sample of unselfishness, love and mutual assistance.

Little pony juegos at are quickly downloaded online. You do not need to spend money on buying a CD, freeing up space on your hard disk - on our site you can play for free and without registration.

Playing a pony pony will take the child to a fairy tale where there is no war and evil, but good always triumphs. The stories about ponies about friendship, miracles, magic like children, and their parents.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Popular Sandbox Indie Game


Minecraft is the most popular indie game performed in the genre of sandbox with elements of development and survival in an open virtual world. The game is built on blocks of textures with a very low resolution of 16x16 pixels, which is probably its main feature.

Developed this simply brilliant game and its online subspecies the programmer from Sweden - Markus Persson (better known under the pseudonym Notch / Notch). The game is almost completely implemented in Java programming.

And imagine the development of the Minecraft game went away only one week, after which it was first presented at the forums TIGSource, where he instantly gained frenzied popularity, and there already went went around the world.

But despite this game for a long time was in limbo of alpha and beta testing. The official release of the final version of the game took place only on November 17, 2011.

And of course there was a lot of variety of online flash game Minecraft, which also took their place among fans of indie games.

On site there is a wide selection of Minecraft games and some you will definitely like. But even if you did not find anything, then we have many other exciting options to have fun. Just go to the main page and choose the category of online games you like. Pull yourself back properly.


Monday, July 3, 2017

Arcade Spiele

Arcade Spiele

Arcade is one of the most common genres of computer games. A distinctive feature of these toys, despite the multifaceted genres that can accompany the game, is the simplicity of the gameplay. The toy is attributed to this genre in the case when its concept is similar to games for arcade machines, although arcades often take the form of fighting games, races or shooters. Unfortunately, games of this type are rarely released on computers, and the main players are owners of different consoles, so owners of personal computers are deprived of the full opportunity to play arcades.

The solution to this problem was the appearance of flash - arcade spiele, for an entertaining pastime with which you do not need to go through heavy registrations or meet serious system requirements.

These spiele are very popular and distributed on the Internet in free access. There are few adults who would refuse a couple of minutes of fun and unobtrusive gameplay, but such flash games as arcade will be much more interesting and useful for a children's audience. Simply and convenience will not cause discontent among children, and elements of logic and the game concept, which requires attention and concentration, will develop the child in these areas.

Also, a nice addition is that most of these games are absolutely free, games do not require purchase and investment of funds during the game, so you can not be afraid to stay in debtors because of the playful mood of the child. Arcade flash games at do not require installation and costs of hard disk space: the game is played online.

Snail Bob 3 Game - Adventures in Egypt

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