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Shooting and Strategy Games

Shooting and Strategy Games
Strategy Kizi games are continued popularity has been more than a year, and, as children and adults alike. And this popularity is explained very simply: when playing such a game it is necessary to show not only smartness and quickness of thinking, but also to develop a whole plan, to calculate the enemy's actions for several moves forward. What is not a great occupation for long evenings?

On this site the best collection of strategic games is collected, which is constantly updated with the latest innovations. We do not forget about old, time-tested and many users of games. As a rule, they are related to the conduct of battle, the purchase of uniforms for the army and weapons. The most important thing in strategies is to correctly calculate your own forces and enemy forces. One mistake - and the level will have to go through again. But apart from the warriors, there are many strategic games and a more peaceful nature. Here, everyone will find something interesting for themselves. Exciting games for girls, simple games for children and complex, intense in the plot of the game for adults. Do you prefer to lead a large company or build your own, albeit virtual business? Or do you prefer to build a big city from scratch? Great deeds, accomplishments worthy of famous generals and kings are waiting for you!

Strategy Games

The best way to develop accuracy, accuracy and speed of reaction is to play online shooting games. This category of games is designed primarily for restless boys who dream of becoming heroes, and save the civilian population from enemies. Games for boys shooters, which are collected on our website, provide a wide selection of both the plot and the ability to choose weapons and technology. Today, for example, you can choose a modern battle tank, and tomorrow become a commander of a spacecraft. Guns, assault rifles, pistols, bazookas and even ballistic missiles - all this can be at your disposal!

But it is not necessary to shoot at enemies, because you can get out with friends on a virtual hunt and check your accuracy on ducks, wild boars. What about hunting dragons? Or even snowmen?

Of course, some games have a fairly hard story, but the category of shooting itself implies this. You can play shooting games and hone your shooting skills.

Bomb It Walkthrough

Very simple but incredibly addictive friv game for 2 players!

Play game here http://frivgames.racing/bomb-it.html

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JlmxdGl3AqA

Skill and Action Games

Skill and Action Games

Trials of agility persecuted mankind throughout its development. Now you do not need to act quickly and accurately to get yourself a mammoth dinner for a dinner, for example, but to stir up the blood and cheer up, please - the Skill Games online! Similar games - a great many, and in this genre you will find all of your talents in the ability to manage the character. It is clever to move, jump, perform all kinds of, sometimes the most incredible tricks - this is what different games of skill. These games are among the most popular and favorite among fans of virtual games. We offer a huge selection of such entertainments for all ages! Try yourself on agility in virtual jumps, in gathering, on balance, dexterity, accuracy.

On these sites you will find games with interesting plots and beautiful graphics. Want to develop the speed of reaction, learn to make decisions quickly? With our games "Skill" - it's easy! They will require a lot of resourcefulness and skill. If your coordination abilities do not arouse your doubts, then with all the games in this section you will cope with ease. Otherwise, such pastime will help you to form such qualities as accuracy, clarity, grasp, resourcefulness and rationality. It's a dynamic game that relates to a variety of game genres! Play with us and develop your skills!

Today it's hard to imagine free time without exciting and colorful Kizi computer games. The most active, expressive and vivid games are collected in our collection of action games. The main plot of these games is associated with the active movement of the main character. What is the peculiarity of such games? Here you will need not only the skills of managing virtual objects, but also quick reaction, smartness, logical thinking. After all, the collection of Action games includes both races, and brodilki, and logic games, my little pony, arcades, beggar and many others.

Since online action games are very popular, we put them in a separate section. Now in order to play your favorite ponis game you do not have to search for it on the site in different sections. We took care of you and collected the best collection of fun action games.

Check your reaction speed, test how fast you can make tactically correct decisions! After all, in action games you can not yawn, their plot develops very dynamically, or rather even with lightning speed.

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