Saturday, March 17, 2018

Northgard - Real-time Strategy


Real-time strategy based on Scandinavian mythology, sending players to explore and arrange for the life of wild lands. The game has an advanced economic system, extraction of resources and friendship with cyclops.

After many years of wandering and searching, the indomitable Vikings found an unknown land full of dangers, secrets and resources - Nordgard. The first settlers set sail to new lands and laid the young settlements, engaging in farming, animal husbandry and worship of their gods. However, life turned out to be difficult - the scarcity of food, severe frosts and attacks of walking dead forced peasants to unite in clans and lead a brutal struggle for life.

Northgard - a real-time strategy, designed to establish a settlement and expand it, up to the dominant size. At the very beginning of the round, players distribute people on the map, sending workers to harvest food, extract resources and build buildings. After the accumulation of forces, scouts explore the surrounding lands and colonize them, which entails an increase in the population's needs for food, medicine and protection.

The economy in the game is quite tough - you will constantly face a shortage of resources. If you run out of gold, your buildings will burn, and the peasants will have nowhere to live. His contribution also makes a change of seasons, for example, as in Friv games - you fierce winter food production stops and if you do not stock enough stocks, wait for the famine. Actually, you will only throw workers from place to place, trying to achieve a balance in the procurement of resources.

Northgard - Real-time Strategy

Meanwhile, no one will give you a safe life - at least you will be attacked by wolves and eating awkward fishermen and workers. To protect the settlement, a detachment of soldiers will have to be created and maintained in combat capability - to treat them and feed them. In case of dishonest management, the morale of your settlement will start to fall, and the peasants will rush - they will get less food. All this can lead to an avalanche drop in the economy, which will lead you straight to the loss of the party.

Northgard won the flattering community feedback - it's really a complicated strategy with a lot of nuances, an atmosphere of Scandinavian mythology and beautiful graphics.

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