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SEO Tips for Website Redesign

SEO Tips for Website Redesign

Many argue that the redesign of the site can be very painful in terms of productivity, positions in search results and attendance. And really - why change what works so well? However, do not be afraid of this, because any meaningful change is progress, and it must occur regularly. And do not forget about competitors who do not doze, but create more perfect and user-friendly sites.

Redesign is a change that will affect not only the visual shell of the site, but also the structure as a whole.

In this article we will look at how the transformation of your site will affect SEO, give useful advice, how not only not to lose your visitors, but also to increase their number.

How to redesign the site without losing positions?

Changing CMS

If you have a small site created on a self-management system, there is no programmer in the state and the purpose of your resource does not need specific tasks, then it makes sense to switch to a more standard CMS. For online stores, management systems such as OpenCart, Bitrix, for website-services - WordPress, Joomla and others are optimal.

Site structure

Before redesign, rebuild the complete semantic core, including use search tips, analyze the structure of competitors' sites. Please note that user requests are becoming more accurate every day. For example, when looking for a shower, it is now indicated not only the cost (expensive / cheap) or the type (angular / low), but also the size.

Based on the new semantic core, it makes sense to expand the number of categories and subcategories, and create new filters on the site. Just keep in mind - when creating filters, make static pages with excellent title, description and H1.


At the end of 2016, Google announced an important factor in the ranking of sites - the availability of HTTPS - a secure data transfer protocol. In Google Chrome, sites on http will be marked as insecure. Therefore, when changing the design, we recommend combining the work and moving the site to https, especially if you collect personal information from users (email, phone number, etc.).

Website Redesign

 Forming a snippet

Another important task is the preservation and improvement of the snippets in the SERP. Before you start the redesign, fix the previous values of title, description tags and h1-h3 headers for all pages. This is extremely necessary.
  1. Transfer the old values of title, description and headers h1-h3 or create new ones, according to the recommendations.
  2. Get quick links.
  3. Configure the semantic micro-markup for everything that you can: contacts, a chain of navigation (bread crumbs), goods, reviews, etc.
  4. Create and place the Favicon.
  5. Register your organization in Google Business.
The appearance of your site is very important, because with the outdated design of the resource it is more difficult to keep / conquer the TOP-10. Global changes on the site can affect your income both positively and negatively. If you do everything with feeling, with sense, with the arrangement (even with a limited budget), but listening to our simple advice - the result will pleasantly surprise you.

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